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Re: Preupgrade/Anaconda problem - 3rd time a charm?

Steve Blackwell wrote:
I've posted this question twice before but have not received any

I want to use preupgrade to go from F8 to F9.
I ran preupgrade, selected F9 and downloaded the data. When I rebooted
to complete the process, Anaconda started, correctly detected my
graphics card and started X. Unfortunately, Anaconda used the wrong
setting for my monitor which results in a blank screen with a" "Out of
Range" message. I can <Ctrl><Alt><F1,2,3,4> to see the various messages
and logs but I can see nothing on <Ctrl><Alt><F7>.

I had the same experience on my F9-F10 preupgrade.

Q1. Where does Anaconda get the settings for the video card from?

I believe that X11 is trying to guess everything.

Q2. Can I tell Anaconda to use the existing xorg.conf file?

I don't think you can, but maybe you can file an RFE?

Q3. Can I tell Anaconda to run in text mode?

Another possible RFE?

Any other suggestions? My only other option appears to be to download
an F9 respin and burn a DVD.

preupgrade creates a kickstart file. I don't know very much about them (other than they exist). Is it possible to put something in there to either have it use your xorg.conf or have it come up in text mode only?


Kevin J. Cummings
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