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Re: Fedora Architecture Questions

If you are going to use very long lines in your messages you should set your
email client to set the format=flowed parameter to content type so that
things look reasonable when other people read the.

On Tue, Dec 09, 2008 at 08:41:19 -0800,
  Michael Peterson <mjpeterson5060 yahoo com> wrote:
> Hello All,
> This is my first post so please ignore the formatting. I have server questions about the Fedora 10 architecture that I will list below this message. I am need to present a brief presentation to my Operating Systems class involving various components of the OS. I have spent the past few days researching the web including multiple Fedora project websites and online databases and found nothing. If anyone is able to give me some simple answers or even relevant information or sources would be wonderful.

> -CPU Scheduling algorithms used by Fedora

You should look at the linux kernel for that information. Fedora uses pretty
up to date kernels in case that matters as the scheduler changes from
time to time.

> -Techniques used by Fedora for message passing between process/threads
That's app specific.

> -Techniques for Shared Memory
What are you looking for here? Shared libraries, process communication,
something else. There are a few things (e.g. postgres) that used shared
memory for process communication. Shared executable code for libraries
is the default.

> -Process Synchronization techniques supported by Fedora
This is app specific. In the kernel things are moving toward using RCU.

> -Methods of dealing with deadlocks
This is app specific.

> -What languages was used to design the OS 
Linux (the kernel) is mostly writen in c with some assembler. It uses some
gcc extensions that are not supported by all c compliers. If by OS you
mean the software environment provided, than lots of different languages
are used.

> -What API do application developers uses (is it posix)
It depends on the app. Posix is one set of apis.

> -Implementation structure (modular, layered...)
This is app specific. The kernel has modules but is not really modular.

> If anyone else thinks of a related question like this that feels it may be useful to me please post it and its answer. Thank you so much for the help!

It sounds like you might really be more interested in the linux kernel and
reading up on that may be more helpful to you.

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