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Re: F10 and Pulseaudio

Niels Weber wrote:
Hi all,

what is the state of Pulseaudio in F10?

It works out of the box on over the half the installs as long as you have a single well known soundcard. The documentation is incomplete, there are a number of mixers and switches which interact in poorly-defined ways, and the interaction between alsa and PA is somewhat hardware dependent.

If you are a guru able to figure it out from the source code and really need to mix multiple sources, it works well.

On my previous installation (F8) I disabled PA after a short test as
there where to many problems with it. On my fresh install of F10 I
have it currently enabled, thinking that it should be more mature by

You probably want to take it out totally if you disable it.

At first it had the wrong soundcard as a default device, this was
easily changed and is no real bug (although perhaps the installer
should ask which soundcard should be used if there is more than one).
Rhythmbox and mplayer now have sound (but only stereo instead of 5.1
it seems), so that's fine.

Yes, the nice driver GUI which left you select the mode is long gone. I had it in FC[456] and not since. I saw a post saying you can still do that, but it notably omitted any hint how, or pointer to human readable documentation.

All games have no sound though, even those installed from the Fedora
repository (for example "Battle for Wesnoth").

Fedora is for serious uses, you should be doing software development and running servers. ;-)

I can understand if third-party software still has problems with PA,
but shouldn't at least the games that are shipped with the
distribution work with the default sound setup?

IMHO PulseAudio is a poorly documented and overly complex solution to problems most users don't have. It never should have been made a default, because it doesn't work for a large number of users who have more than the absolute lowest level sound hardware and less than the highest level of sound expertise.

How to fix this? Uninstall PA again?

That worked in FC9, I tried it in F10 and alsa sound stopped working as well, so I don't have a solution. I still have one FC6 machine I use for sound, does all the channels, multiple inputs, can use the external speakers in the other room... and I wouldn't upgrade it for anything!

Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>
  "We have more to fear from the bungling of the incompetent than from
the machinations of the wicked."  - from Slashdot

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