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Re: f9 FireFox and Sound.

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Reg Clemens wrote:
Actually I didnt answer the question asked.
Yes this has to do with FLASH, but its more than that.
I dont have any sound at all on f9.
On fc6 sound works for everything that generates sound.

You've checked all of your volume sliders? I see sporadic sound failures with Flash animations on my F9 X86_64 system. Usually, restarting firefox fixes the problem, so I assume its a plug-in issue.

If you're problem is more than that, I'd go back to system-config-soundcard and start from there. Check your system logs for any/all information it gives you about your sound card during boot up, and go from there.

Also, check to make sure that pulse-audio is working properly if you are using it. ISTR that PA became the default for sound in F9, but it may not be properly set up if you did a jump upgrade....

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