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Re: How to get rid of selinux

gab_v wrote:
Dear all,
I have a Fedora 9 distr.

I've lot of problem with SELinux, so I want to know how to get rid of
it. In particular I am interested NOT in make SELinux status
"Disabled" but to uninstall it.

SELINUX invades applications. In particular, it is part of applications
like mv, cp, ls, ln, etc. (By application, I don't mean OpenOffice,
I mean things that run in user space rather than in kernel space, or as
a daemon.) The Fedora website at one time documented 40 (IIRC)
applications which required modification to run with SELINUX.

SELINUX is extremely invasive, and Fedora has chosen not to support
an install which does not include it. This makes sense, because it
would increase the QA effort required.

I am not sure how to do it, also because I just started working with Linux OS.

It can't be done, at present. I suggest you try a distro which does
not have SELINUX in it. Unfortunately for you (and for me) it seems
that all distros are either there or have plans for that. Those
who don't want SELINUX are going to have an increasingly difficult
time. I would suggest going the route I'm taking, which is Linux
From Scratch, but you say you are a beginner, and LFS is defintely
not something I would recommend for a beginner.

It's not clear to me why disabling it didn't cure your problem,

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