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Re: Live CD without CD?

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Chris Snook wrote:

I have a machine with no CD drive,
and I was wondering if I could run the Fedora Live KDE CD
from the hard disk -
I mean by copying the ISO file to the hard disk.
abstracting the isolinux directory,
and adding an approriate grub stanza to boot from this?

livecd-iso-to-disk (part of the livecd-tools package) was designed to do
with USB drives, but it should work for an IDE/SATA/SCSI drive as well. That said, what you probably want is to find a USB stick that's at least 1
GB, and put it on that.

Actually, I already tried that, but this particular machine -
I think it is about 8 years old - did not seem to support USB booting.

I'll try using livecd-iso-to-disk to install on a new partition.
Not quite sure how I'll boot from it, though.
Will it be sufficient to make the new partition active?

I think it will suffice to make it the only partition marked bootable in fdisk. It'll need to be a primary partition, not an extended partition. It really depends on your BIOS though, if you're not chainloading from the bootloader on the MBR.

-- Chris

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