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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

>> Isn't that what is meant by "pressure from above"?
> I don't see how having more resources alloted to something counts as
> pressure from above.

Well, I take it that Redhat is the "above" in this case,
and if they choose to allocate more resources to Gnome than KDE
then that is the "pressure" in question.

>> My strong impression from reading the newsgroups
>> is that a large majority of enthusiasts are using KDE,
>> despite the fact that this is not the default.
> I have no idea. We cannot rely on mere impressions for making such
> decisions and I know of no hard public hard data. Enthusiasm doesn't
> determine how many people work on something full time. Paying customers
> do.

I would have thought it would be relatively easy
to ascertain people's views on issues like this.
I think it would strengthen Fedora's appeal
if it were seen to respond to its users' desires.

Of course, if paying customers wanted one thing and non-paying another,
it would be entirely reasonable to give more weight to the former.
But I doubt if that is the case in this instance.

Having said all that, may I add that there are a half-dozen or maybe a dozen
people in the Fedora community who can be relied on
to give whatever help they can to people who present problems to them,
and you, Rahul, are top of that list,
with maybe Mikkel beside you.
If I ask a question and I see a reply from one of you,
I know that my worries are almost certainly at an end,
at least for the time being ...

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