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Re: Nautilus doesn't start

On Tue, 2008-12-09 at 09:33 +0100, Antonio M wrote:
> Suddenly when I open a session I get:
> Non è possibile usare Nautilus adesso, a causa di un errore imprevisto
> di Bonobo durante il tentativo di individuare la fabbrica. Per
> risolvere il problema, potrebbe essere d'aiuto terminare il processo
> «bonobo-activation-server» e riavviare Nautilus.
> It is not possible to use Nautilus now, due to an unforeseen error of
> Bonobo during try to get the make.To solve the problem, it could help
> to kill bonobo-activation-server and restart Nautilus.
> This happened suddenly on two of my systems both in F10 and Rawhide
> Any hint??


I am experiencing the same issue on my F10 server.  Do you have SELinux
enabled?  I seem to have some kind of SELinux error in my system that
occurs around the same time this Nautilus error appears.

SELinux Error Summary:
SELinux is preventing ck-get-x11-serv (consolekit_t) "connectto"

I'm thinking it might be an SELinux issue?  I've posted the details of
this error over on that list, but haven't gotten any word back yet.

I think it would be helpful if we both were experiencing the same thing
and could narrow it down some.

- Adam

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