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Re: Getting actual source for a kernel

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Please read this entire question before giving me the obvious answer...

Is there any way to get the actual source to the binary kernels available? What koji has as source is the kernel.org source, STABLE patch, and dozens of patches with no way to tell which are applied to any given binary kernel before it's built, and in what order.

I poked about on koji trying to find the list of patches in order, but had no success.
  Binary    kernel-PAE-
  Source    kernel-

Is there some way to get the list of patches needed to build this kernel? I sure couldn't find any way to get a clean application of even the ext4 patch sets, so I could do some testing.

Is this information deliberately restricted or just never made available?

The best bet is to download and install the Fedora-specific kernel
source RPM.  Have a good look at the /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/kernel.spec
file.  In it will be listed the various patches made to the baseline
kernel source required for that build (specifically, look for lines
that begin "PatchXXXX" where "XXXX" is a decimal number).

Remember, the spec file is what guides rpmbuild to create the actual
source tree in your /usr/src/redhat/BUILD directory.
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