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Re: For Loops and Space in Names

> http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/handling-filenames-with-spaces-in-bash.html
> Most of the ideas there are ones that got mentioned here, but there is a  
> new one.  

You know, Unix allowed spaces in filenames since before time fell upon
the face of the earth (I got that from a documentary on Beavers I watched
once on TV :-), but everyone was bright enough to realize what an
incredible pain they were, and just didn't use them.

Then Billy Boy had to go and make a big deal about finally supporting
filenames with spaces in them (Hey everybody, look at me! I can make spaces
in my filenames! I'll put spaces in every critical path the system
uses! Aren't I just so smart? :-).

Now everyone is catching the endless grief that caused (including
Microsoft - I remember many system APIs in the Microsoft documentation
that claimed the argument was a filename, then they had to go back and
correct all of them because it wasn't really interpreted as a filename,
but needed to be quoted to properly handle names with space).

I think linux needs to change /etc/ to /Et Cetera/ to keep up with
Microsoft :-).

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