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Re: Preupgrade/Anaconda problem - 3rd time a charm?

---- Steve <zephod cfl rr com> wrote: 
> ---- Rahul Sundaram <metherid gmail com> wrote: 
> > Steve Blackwell wrote:
> > >
> > > Q1. Where does Anaconda get the settings for the video card from?
> > >   
> >  From Xorg which gets it from HAL
> > 
> > > Q2. Can I tell Anaconda to use the existing xorg.conf file?
> > >   
> > Don't think so. If it doesn't get auto detected properly, it is
> > better to report the problem and get it fixed.
> So do I report this against Anaconda, Xorg or HAL? All the above?
> > > Q3. Can I tell Anaconda to run in text mode?
> > >   
> > Yep. Refer http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Options
> Thanks for the link. If I edit the grub entry and add "text" to the
> line, does that get passed on to Anaconda? I see that there is also a
> "noprobe" option. I'll try both of those tonight.

Editing the GRUB entry works fine.

Adding "noprobe" (without the quotes) was a non-starter as that causes
anaconda not to look for ANY hardware including hard drives.

Adding "text" started off a little more promising but didn't get much
further. I ended up with an error message that said:

"The file createrepo-0.9.5-2.fc9.noarch.rpm cannot be opened. This is
due to a missing file, a corrupt package or corrupt media. Please
verify your installation source.

If you exit, your system will be left in an inconsistent state that
will likely require reinstallation."

Yikes! After some checking I saw that this was the first package it
tryed to download and install so I can still boot into my old F8 system.

On <Ctrl><Alt><F3> there was this message:
"Failed to get
from mirror 1/1, or downloaded file is corrupt.

I used another machine to go to this site and checked that the correct
createrepo package was in that location and it was. I checked that I
could download it. That seems to leave the network connection as the

How can I check if anaconda has set up the network correctly?
Any other suggestions?


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