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yum does not recognize correct Fedora version

I attempted an upgrade from Fedora 8 to Fedora 9 which did not succeed.
After copying had completed, many old files remained and the new kernel
was not copied. I tried to complete the upgrade using yum, but it initially
did not work because libnss and associated files were missing. After I
replaced these files from the rescue disk. I tried yum again, but 
it refuses to recognize the new version.

I have done the following:

1. yum clean all
2  Downloaded fedora-release-9-5.transition.noarch.rpm and installed it
3. Checked that rpm -qf /etc/fedora-release reports the correct version.

However, when I try:
           'yum update'
          'yum update kernel*'

nothing happens because it still seems to think that I have Fedora 8,
not 9.

I've thought of hard coding fedora-updates.repo, but I'm not exactly sure
what values to use for $releasever and $basearch

Other than starting over, does anyone have a suggestion how to get yum
to see the correct version? 


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