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Re: How to get rid of nautilus (try deux)

Hi Geoffrey,

 On Wed 10/12/08  6:19 AM , Geoffrey Leach geoff hughes net sent:
> I'd like to not run nautilus on the desktop in Fedora 10. In Fedora 9, 
> removing it from .gnome2/session worked, but now it is no longer 
> mentioned there. Any suggestions?
Now i am not sure about this (since I don't use gnome[1]), but since this was 'try deux', I'll venture a possible guess. It may/may not work

a. make sure you have gconf-editor installed
b. fire up gconf-editor
c. go to Edit->Find, type in nautils, select 'search also in key values'
d. look for the most likely place where nautilus can be disabled and change accordingly. AFAICT, it would make sense to remove it from /desktop/gnome/session/required_components_list ....but I could be wrong.
e. report back if this does it for you.

- steve

[1] Complicated desktops never really fit my head.

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