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Re: I need Miredo for F10

Todd Denniston wrote:
Kevin J. Cummings wrote, On 12/09/2008 05:55 PM:
Robert Moskowitz wrote:
And http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=miredo&submit=Search+...&system=&arch= only finds it for F9. So I download that anyway and try to do a yum localinstall and it needs:


And libcap.so.2 is installed, what to do?

Well, one of number of things things:

1) If the API for libcap.so.2 is backward compatible enough for what you need it for, just put a in symlink linking libcap.so.1 -> libcap.so.2.

2) If the API for libcap.so.2 is incompatible with what your application needs, then you will need to find a .src.rpm for building libpcap.so.1, build it yourself, and install it locally.

3) Find an old RPM and install it and hope that it works.

Sometimes there are compatibility versions of libraries available in one or more of the repos, but a "yum search libcap.so.1" for me doesn't find anything.

A further option considering "Miredo is an open-source Teredo IPv6 tunneling software for..."[1], would be to snag a copy of the source to Miredo[2] and build it on F10... of course that assumes that the software has something sort of nice like a configure script to let the OP know that they need more 'devel' packages and that the OP understands what the configure script is asking for.

And there is the crux of the problem. If it is not a plug-n-pay build, it will take me a day to pull off, and I have other fish to fry on this project right now. I will try and reach the builder and get them to look into this.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miredo
[2] http://www.remlab.net/files/miredo/?C=N;O=D

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