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Re: I need Miredo for F10

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
A further option considering "Miredo is an open-source Teredo IPv6
tunneling software for..."[1], would be to snag a copy of the source
to Miredo[2] and build it on F10... of course that assumes that the
software has something sort of nice like a configure script to let the
OP know that they need more 'devel' packages and that the OP
understands what the configure script is asking for.

But the more top-level question is WHY????  Isn't the Fedora built-in
IPv6 networking up to the task?

And if you are on a v4 network and need v6 connectivity? That is Miredo's roll. It is a transition mechinism. Lots of discussions about it at the IETF meeting last month in the IPv6OPS workgroup.

Actually, I am working on a project that is using HIP (infrahip.hiit.fi) over IPv6 (with Miredo where needed), doing secure mobility and NAT traversal (Miredo over ICE). SIP and P2PSIP are my apps for this.

What has driven me to even spend time with F10 is two-fold: The 2.6.27 kernel has the IPsec ESP BEET mode patch, I no longer have to work on patching the kernel or running HIP in userspace. Hopefully some of the problems I have had with my OQOs (www.oqo.com) will just work with F10 (I almost have suspend/resume working). Otherwise, I would just be using Centos, as part of my 'model' is to be production for this.

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