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Re: Fedora 10 ypbind error

> Q1: network up before starting NIS? (watch out for NetworkMangler^H^H^H^Hager starting only after someone logs in.)

Yes. -- I had another machine in the past where this was a problem. NIS didn't work after boot, but when I manually restarted ypbind it started working. No such luck this time.

> Q2: can you ping the NIS server or its backups?


> Q3: portmapper running?
> chkconfig --list portmap

No, but it looks like portmap was superseded by rpcbind, which is running:

  # /etc/init.d/rpcbind status
  rpcbind (pid 2828) is running...

Also, rpcinfo reports several portmapper services.

> another command to add to your yp test suite: ypwhich

# /etc/init.d/ypbind status
SIOCADDRT: File exists
ypbind (pid  22270) is running...
# ypwhich
ypwhich: Can't communicate with ypbind

This doesn't change if I stop both iptables and ip6tables (and then restart ypbind).

Another thing I tried: /etc/init.d/portreserve stop and chkconfig portreserve off
but that didn't make a difference either.

I also ran yum install ypserv, without actually turning it on. No luck still.


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