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Re: asus w5f Intel sound on Fedora 10

On Wednesday 10 December 2008 16:57, sfilippo wrote:
> Hmm.
> Isn't it the case that all "normal" multimedia packages require pulseaudio
> to produce sound, and therefore would be effectively disabled???

Hi Salvatore.

That most definately is not the case. With Pulseaudio disabled, your sound 
apps will use Alsa directly, without Pulseaudio entering the equation.

I have disabled Pulseaudio on all my Fedora installsF8, and F9, with no 
problems. I still have Pulseaudio enabled on a Ubuntu 8.10 install, mainly 
because I can't find out how to disable it, but the sounds are working ok.

Pulseaudio appears to be usefull for setting volume levels for different audio 
apps that are running. As an example. You are listening to music, and you 
like too listen to it loud. You also have IM running (Gaim/Pidgin, Kopete 
whatever). Your volume is set to loud, and when you get a message from IM, 
you get a huge DING-DONG. With Pulseaudio you can set the level for your 
music app to high, and the level for the IM sounds to low, so that they are 
heard in the background, and you know that a message has arrived, without 
being a huge DING-DONG, which is likely to make you fall off your chair.

I believe that Pulseaudio can also be used for networking sound to other 
computers in your home. How well this works, I don't know, as I'm alone, 
apart from my dog. The dog's not too good on the keyboard. Paws too big for 
picking out individual keys.


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