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new F10 kernel borked?

On Fedora 10:
I just got a new kernel, apparently today, and when I rebooted I was greeted 
by a bunch of text messages about problems with the LVM, and about bad
mount option "relatime".

true, I do have relatime set in /etc/fstab because I'm running on a SSD
in an eeepc 901. But it has worked fine up until now.

So I boot up the rescue disc and remove relatime. reboot. it STILL
complains about relatime being an unknown option, and there's no 
relatime (or atime or noatime) to be seen even NEAR /etc/fstab..

Scratch head. reboot several more times.

notice two choices in the GRUB menu, when there was only one last I
noticed, decide to boot the other one. Voila, the previous kernel boots,
even with the relatime option re-added.

new "feature" in the kernel? Or what?

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