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Re: All I want for Christmas is... F10 KDE4.2 Live... for testing...

Initial thoughts of my first session.

Activities: logged in, installed Firefox, flash plugin, livecd-tools.
Did some browsing.  Tested a few plasma widgets.

Duration: 20 minutes.

Observations worth noting:

1) Plasma crashed during the login process.  Actually, I think it was
just the folderview widget that crashed because it disappeared.

1a) At some point the KDE application launcher disappeared from the

1b) The solar desktop background didn't display, even though it appeared
during the boot up process and it appeared in the desktop background
list.  The desktop background was plain blue. 

2) The panel width adjustment system seems nicer in KDE4.1.3 than in

3) Ksynaptics wasn't installed.  I didn't get around to installing it.
My touchpad was frustrating during the session.  I think ksynaptics is a
MUST HAVE for KDE4.2, lest there be a mutiny on the fedora-users list.

4) The bouncing ball wasn't bouncing right and CPU load immediately went
to 100%.  It was going extremely fast in the corner all by itself.  It
killed normally and everything went back to normal.

5) The kick start KDE application launcher was ugly and didnt size
properly.  The traditional launcher looked and worked fine.

6) I didn't see an option for installing an icon in the panel when using
the kick start launcher like I saw in KDE 4.1.3.  I think it should ship
being able to do this. 

7) One now has the option of ripping the konsole off of dolphin and then
putting it back on.  As someone who continually works with console and
dolphin, this is beyond neat.  Its incredible.  I've been doing admin
work for 10 years and this is the neatest thing I have seen in a long,
long time.

7b) I downloaded a pdf and viewed it in Okular.   It only showed 1 page.
I am not sure if the pdf was more than 1 page or not.  I'll check

8) The session froze and then crashed when I attempted to add a
folderview widget to my desktop.  I wanted to test dragging and dropping
files from a folderview to dolphin, etc.  

This is the first time I've run a beta.  I'm not sure if this experience
is par for the course or not. 

I'd say that if we want a good KDE4.2 release, we need to test the hell
out of it.  I highly recommend that the release ISO be bumped from a CD
to a DVD and that debug tools, ksynaptics and firefox be added to it.
Maybe more.

I highly recommend that KDE4.2 ISOs be generated and released regularly,
maybe daily.  There is a lot to test here and if we don't test it before
the release, we'll be testing it after the release.         

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