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Re: f9 FireFox and Sound (more info)

Reg Clemens wrote:

Does this bring anything to mind from anyone who actually has this
stuff running (either with or without pulseaudio)

Everything worked fine on F9 for me without pulse. I tend to keep flash turned off, though, only enabling it as necessary, so I might have missed problems.

I don't run pulseaudio because I don't need it, so I can't help you there. http://www.pulseaudio.org/

Read the document at one of these links. While it is about hd-audio, some of it applies to standard sound issues. Pay particular attention to the suggestion for the alsa-info.sh script.

You can get the text from web:


A PDF file is found at:


If you are not going to use pulse, you can create an audio group (as root) and add your user to that group. This gives alsa access to (somewhat) real time processing. I say somewhat because this is the kernel built in real time, not Ingo Mjollnar's real time patch. (Name may be wrong).

groupadd audio

usermod -a -g audio <your userid>

If you are going to use pulse you need to add yourself to the rtprio group (I think it is that). Test by doing a pulseaudio --kill to see what it says. It should tell you the name of the group in the error message.

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