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Re: Unable to boot with LVM mount on USB drive (Fedora 10)

Bruce Thompson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I haven't seen this reported anywhere else and it's kind of driving me
> nuts.
> I've got an LVM volume group that extends across two internal drives and
> one external USB drive. Prior to Fedora 10, the volume group initializes
> fine during boot and the filesystems listed in /etc/fstab mount fine. As
> of Fedora 10, the initialization of the volume group fails apparently
> because the USB drive is not yet registered when LVM attempts to bring
> up the volume group.
> I have a workaround, namely the following in rc.local:
> vgchange -ay Backups
> mount -o defaults,noatime /dev/Backups/Backup /backup
> mount -o defaults,noatime /dev/Backups/Staging /staging
> Obviously this is non-optimal since it bypasses the automatic fsck step.
I am not sure, but I suspect that you can fix this by rebuilding
your initrd, including the usb_storage module this time.


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