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infrastructure modest proposal

With all the dependency problems that always seem to crop up
in updates, I'd like to make a simple suggestion that would
hide 99% of these issues from us pore old users:

Add another layer of repos: Just before the "updates" repo,
have a "almost updates" repo. Packages that get released to
"updates" now, would instead get released to "almost updates".

Meanwhile, you've got a fedora virtual machine laying around
where you installed by right clicking all the package groups
and saying "install all optional packages" (as close to the
old "everything" button as it is possible to get). The repos
on the VM are modified to point to "almost updates" instead
of "updates".

Whenever new "almost updates" are available, a
"yum --skip-broken update" is run on the virtual machine.

Any packages that make it through are really transferred to
"updates". Any packages with dependency problems get mail sent
to the package maintainers, and don't make it to "updates".

While we are at it: If the update includes a new kernel, the
VM is rebooted.  If the VM doesn't come back, the new kernel
isn't released to "updates" either :-).

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