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Remote top panel inop with F10 vncviewer

I recently replaced an old FC8 laptop with a new widescreen F10 laptop.
I used the original while traveling to connect to a big
workstation/server at home running RHEL5. I'm now having trouble getting
vncviewer on the new laptop to work like the old one, even when I use
the exact same command line to connect.

When I click on anything in the top panel on the remote (home) system,
nothing happens. So to read my e-mail, I have to right-click on the
remote desktop, open a terminal, and start evolution from a command

RHEL5 host:
$ cat startvnc
vncserver -geometry 1916x1095 -depth 24

F10 laptop:
$ cat vnchome
vncviewer homeaddr:1 --FullColor

I was able to access everything in the top panel with vncviewer under
FC8. Under F10 the top panel is a dead zone. Has anyone else seen this

--Doc Savage
  Fairview Heights, IL

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