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Re: All I want for Christmas is... F10 KDE4.2 Live... for testing...

linux guy wrote:
> While you are at it, you could throw on firefox and nvidia-settings so
> that people could access gmail and set their display up to its normal
> resolution.

You can access gmail through IMAP using KMail.

As for NVidia, there's no support for proprietary drivers on the live CD,
and there can't be support for those drivers on *any* live CD using
packages from Fedora and/or RPM Fusion before the new RPM Fusion driver
setup work is complete. (Right now, you can only install one driver at a
time, i.e. no multiple versions of nvidia nor coexisting nvidia and fglrx,
and installing the driver also breaks systems without the hardware using
that driver.) And even when it will possible, I doubt Rex will include
stuff from RPM Fusion on a CD which is supposed to be testing for what will
be in Fedora - it's clear that proprietary drivers will *never* be in

        Kevin Kofler

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