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dmraid & mkinitrd under F10 x86_64

Under F8 or F9, I had managed to build an initrd image that would automatically mount my non-boot dmraided drives without any effort on my part; this was obviously a while ago, and I'm no expert on mkinitrd. When I installed F10, it wiped out that configuration, and is instead intent upon mounting the individual drives and not initialize dmraid at all. I've been trying to get this fixed for a few days now, but can't seem to come up with an answer. Can any one give me an answer?

After unmounting the individual drives, I currently activate the dmraid as root with:

dmraid -a yes  nvidia_gdedfbbj

Then mount the desired partitions. The device mapper device files for the partitions are in my /etc/fstab with an appropriate mounted path, which makes it a simple "mount /media/drive" command possible once dmraid has been activated.

But mkinitrd seems to be where I'm having the problem. I just tried using --force-raid-probe which is listed in the usage notes (mkinitrd -h), but apparently it isn't actually available as a command line option. Would using "--with=dmraid" work?


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