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Re: rpm problem, now mplayer/gpm is busted :-(

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 7:48 AM, Steven W. Orr <steveo syslang net> wrote:
> *) Is it an installation bug that mplayer was incorrectly updated when I
> went from F9 to F10? Should it not have *removed* mplayer instead if
> libaa-libs was not a part of the install dvd?

You would prefer that the installer remove all packages not on the
installation media on upgrading? If it did that then you would lose
the ability to simply upgrade all applications from 3rd parties after

Because the installer ignores these problems, as soon as you have your
repositories reconfigured again for Fedora 10, all you have to do is
run an update to fix things.

If the installer removed all broken applications, you'd have to
install all of them by hand again manually after your repositories
were reconfigured again.  If you want to do that you might as well
just do a fresh install instead of an upgrade.


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