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Re: Mounting ext4 filesystems

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Is there a tool like dumpe2fs which will let me see the UUID of a filesystem in ext4 format? And if so, dare I hope that if I put the UUID and type ext4 in /etc/fstab that it will mount without my doing any manual labor?

The machine in question has kind of a variable hardware configuration, and I don't dare use a device name in fstab, since it could be wrong.Or is there a newer version of dumpe2fs in the pipeline which will provide that capability? The version on rawhide is the same as FC9, other than saying fc11 instead of fc9 in the version-id.

Is is something like /sbin/blkid you are looking for? It lists block ids for all partitions.

I am running F10 x86_64 and I just use ext4 as the type in fstab to mount ext4 partitions and it works fine. They mount fine from F9 as well as near as I can tell. I am able to rwx on them at least.

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