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Re: anyone have bluetooth working?

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 10:21 AM, stan <goedigi89__e cox net> wrote:
> Is this where to give positive feedback for updates testing packages in
> general?


> If I update packages from updates testing and everything seems to work on my
> system, do I +1 all packages in the update?  e.g. there were 128 packages in
> the update today, some from updates, most from updates testing.  My system
> is working fine.  Is that a +1 for all packages I updated?

I would not do a blanket +1 for all packages...on the day you install
them.  It's only going to be useful if you make the effort to actually
use the packages. Just having them installed for a day and sending in
love, isn't going to help protect other users from accidental

For example. I have evolution installed. I personally don't use
evolution. Having me +1 the evolution testing-update even though I
installed it, doesn't help protect other users who do actively use it.
 For me to do that would be somewhat counter-productive.

Its also important to take into account what each testing update is
trying to fix. It may not cause a regression, but it also may not fix
the problem its trying to resolve.

Now of course for things like libraries its tougher to understand if
you are using them or not. There is still a lot of ways left to
explore how to drive update-testing feedback into bodhi more


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