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remote logins fail with DNS error on first try, 2nd succeeds

Since installing F10 (clean install) my SSH and telnet logins to remote machines often fail with a DNS error:

hughc joss:~$ ssh xander
ssh: Could not resolve hostname xander: Name or service not known
hughc joss:~$

However, the 2nd attempt a couple of seconds later succeeds. No other Linux or Unix machines here are having this problem. There is nothing about this in /var/log/messages, or in /var/log/secure. It doesn't happen all the time, either. Not sure where to start looking for something like this ...

I currently have NetworkManager turned off in init, and I'm using /etc/init.d/network instead, just to see if that fixes the problem (it doesn't).

NIS is on, but host lookups do not use NIS.  From /etc/nsswitch.conf:

hosts:      files dns


search hq.aldon.com


Hugh Caley, Linux Administrator
Aldon Computer Group
6001 Shellmound St. Suite 600
Emeryville, CA 94608

(510) 285-8542 | hughc aldon com

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