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Re: packagekit

Thierry wrote:
Alex Makhlin a écrit :
Look, I feel for you man! After the latest updates its been a bit
crazy. It seems to me that Fedora's team (aka Readhat Enterprise
developers) have let us down quite a bit! Look, if we are going to be
their QA team so they can make some great $$ from their Enterprise
distribution then they should get their act together.
We are now into the holidays, how many Readhat engineers are still
available until January? Not that many! In my opinion we have a long
wait to go before they fix their problems and ours. By the way, I
would like to use Readhat Enterprise instead of Fedora but at what $$?

especially when it's not a Red Hat developer who pushed the package by
mistake and publicly apologized.  And the fix is being pushed right now.
Fedora is not restricted to Red Hat. Frustration is ok, this bug has
been a massive pain but /me think you're over reacting.
you can always use CentOS if you don't want to pay for RH support...it's
a rebuild of the official SRPMS minus the copyrighted stuff.

nuff said


I can understand why you may think that I am over reacting. But why is a "Non ReadHat Developer" pushing such an important package through? In my company this would be outrageous!! First of all, how did they know that it was ready for distribution? What authority did they have and if so, why should I trust a company that would give such authority? ReadHat is responsible for this and not some scape goat!

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