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Re: Why was this dbus disaster released mid-release?

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 12:21 PM, Michael Cronenworth <mike cchtml com> wrote:
> The dbus security policy change was the heart of the issue.

Its the issue that got noticed by a significant number of users.
Anyone who watches the broken dep reports which are generated for
package maintainers knows that pre-mature pushes to stable happen
sporadically for more niche parts of the software collection. The
pre-mature push to stable isn't anything earth shattering, it just
happened to be high profile this time.

So no the dbus update itself is not the heart of the problem, its just
the most obvious symptom and one of the more complicated case since
its deeply subtle breakage which affects multiple applications.
Honestly I'm having a hard time even thinking about how you would run
an automated test that would have caught this breakage, unless you
were already expecting it. And if you were expecting it...then what's
the point of the test.

> Automated X-driven testing? Nothing exists yet, correct? I would love to
> have something to test my software at work. Is there a SIG or mailing list
> of folks willing to do such a thing? Yes, I'd be willing to help.



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