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Re: packagekit

On Thursday 11 December 2008 02:38:13 pm Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 5:00 PM, Alex Makhlin <makhlina gmail com> wrote:
> > I can understand why you may think that I am over reacting. But why is a
> > "Non ReadHat Developer" pushing such an important package through? In my
> > company this would be outrageous!! First of all, how did they know that
> > it was ready for distribution? What authority did they have and if so,
> > why should I trust a company that would give such authority? ReadHat is
> > responsible for this and not some scape goat!
> Which part of "Fedora is a community-supported distribution" do you
> not understand?
> And it's Red Hat, not ReadHat.
> poc

Hi All;

I don't often chime in to these rants however here's my 2 cents:

As a long time user of Fedora I've seen my share of issues, however as Fedora 
users we need to recognize that Fedora lives somewhere between latest and 
greatest stable and cutting/bleeding edge - and we're effectively the test bed.

I am seriously grateful for the entire pool of developers, package maintainers 
and other folks who give of their time and talents so I can run a distro with 
the latest sweet developments in the Linux world and so I never ever ever have 
to consider running MS windows again. 

If you want to stand back and criticize I suggest the following as the only 
viable actions:

1) Get involved and offer your time/talents to the project (or a related 
project) to ensure that Fedora more closely meets your expectations

2) go find another distro that is more in line with your expectations say a 
longer term support model like ubuntu or CentOS - Fedora is not for everyone 
which is why you'll find > 1,000 different distros on sites like distrowatch.com

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