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Re: packagekit

Thierry wrote:
Alex Makhlin a écrit :
I can understand why you may think that I am over reacting. But why is
a "Non ReadHat Developer" pushing such an important package through?
In my company this would be outrageous!! First of all, how did they
know that it was ready for distribution? What authority did they have
and if so, why should I trust a company that would give such
authority? ReadHat is responsible for this and not some scape goat!


Fedora is not Red Hat but a community driven effort. They (RH) sponsor
it but it's a community of developers and users first and foremost.
If you're using Fedora, you're putting your hands and trust in the
community, not a company.
It' s "much ado about nothing" for what comes down to basic human error.
If you want commercial grade support then you may want to look elsewhere.
To be honest, I've seen much bigger commercial companies make worse
mistakes than this and no one was accountable.
Here, the culprit took ownership of his mistake and that's a hell of a
lot better than what I see or have seen in my work life.
And with the fix out now, it's quite a good fix turnover


Community driven effort is correct and is how it should be but you are closing your eyes if you believe that ReadHat is not using Fedora as their test environment. It is a fact that even ReadHat will not deny! But in another hand we do get the ability to use their latest/greatest and debug it before it goes into their Enterprise addition which earns them quite a bit of $$. So lets get real here, don't give us tomorrow's product to debug, give us today's!

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