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Re: Some people mis interpret Fedora's Mission Statement.

On Tuesday 09 December 2008 10:55:53 am Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Antonio Olivares wrote:
> >>> I have no idea. We cannot rely on mere impressions for
> >>
> >> making such decisions and I know of no hard public hard
> >> data. Enthusiasm doesn't determine how many people work
> >> on something full time. Paying customers do.
> >
> > Do we pay for Fedora?  > We don't pay for Fedora.  So how can Paying
> > customers determine the
> decisions.  Are there users who pay for Fedora?
> > Or
> > You are talking about RHEL customers?
> Neither specifically. Just that, if someone has to work on a product or
> part of the product, full time, then a commercial organization would
> only do it usually if customers are willing to pay for it, now or in the
> near future. Enthusiasts, by their nature, "pay" with their time instead.

And on that note, do you see any substantial contributions coming from 
academics? They have salaries too even if they aren't commercial orgs, 
likewise non-profit orgs and gov't. Didn't DHS contribute scalpel and 
foremost? didn't yum come from Duke?


> Rahul

Canada must refuse to be entangled in any more wars fought to make the world 
safe for capitalism.

-- The Regina Manifesto, 1933

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