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Re:fedora-list Digest, Vol 58, Issue 146

>Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 11:08:56 -0700
>From: stan <goedigi89__e cox net>
>Subject: Re: DVD update causes data loss
>To: "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using
> Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>
>Message-ID: <49415738 9050407 cox net>
>Content-Type: text/plain; charset=GB2312
>ÍõÕÙ·å wrote:
>> I happen to start my laptop with a DVD(containing Fedora 10 iso file) in
>> the CD-ROM,
>> so it enters the installation or update environment, I didn't feel like
>> to reset, so I moved on,
>> chose the update choice, hoping it will do nothing while going on, but
>> after update completed, the reset failed
>> I started the machine, logined with old account 'houghes', but it said:
>> home/houghes  doesn't exist!
>> so I lost all the data in my home directary!
>> help!  this is really frustrating
>You don't provide enough information to really tell, but it
>sounds like you *installed* F10 instead of updating.  The
>default during install is to overwrite existing partitions.
> If this is the case, your old OS is definitely gone.  Check
>the home directory contents by doing ls -al /home  .
>If there is nothing there, your data is probably gone.
>But also check if there are any partitions outside your
>current OS by running /sbin/blkid or df.  If there are,
>perhaps one of them was ignored by the update and actually
>contains your old home directory with all your data.  You
>should be able to then mount that directory and copy the old
>data to your new home directory.
>Post back if you are still having problems.
>An installation DVD is dangerous if you don't give it
>respect.  To prevent this in future you should go into the
>bios of your laptop as it is starting and change the boot
>order so that HD is used before CD/DVD.  Then you have to
>manually change it back before you can start an install DVD.
Thank you very much!
But the result turns out to be really surprising:
the df -k rusult seems different from before, and I find
etc/fstab is different from /etc/fstab.anacone  while the latter
seems to be my former directary structure,
so I overwrite etc/fstab by /etc/fstab.anacone, then
my lost directary /home/houghes together with the containt come back!
I am happy though I am still not clear of what happened.
Thanks stan!

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