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f9: Have sound with Gnome, not with TWM.

OK, Ive been having sound problems, and I finally did the experiment
that I should have done ages ago.

Im one of those old farts that still uses TWM as a window manager,-
I just dont need all the crap that newer window managers seem to want
to put on my screen.

In any case, Sound works fine in fc6, but not f9 with TWM.
I found that it would work with ROOT in f9, and assume that this is a clue
as to some permission problem.

BUT, I finally created a new user as a test, and let him use the default GNOME.
Ta-Da. Sound works fine.
So, the children that set up this new sound system are doing something
to get it running when GNOME starts, but didnt bother to do the same for
(all) other window systems.... Mumph.

Ill continue looking (a bit) to try to see what needs to be set/started
but any pointers would be appreciated.

Frankly, CENTOS is starting to look a lot better all the time.

                                        reg dwf com

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