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Re: infrastructure modest proposal

On Fri, 12 Dec 2008 13:40:00 +0000
Anne Wilson wrote:

> > Fact: the push of dbus directly to stable was a mistake.. it was not
> > intentional  
> Devs and maintainers are not allowed to make mistakes!  That would imply that 
> they are human beings, and we can't have users with such dangerous thoughts!

Well, that was what my original proposal was about. Pore old humans
can decide to push things to "almost updates", but only a computer
which verifies the updates can be applied successfuly to at least one
test instance of a fedora install can push the updates out of "almost
updates" and into "updates".

Of course, I wasn't thinking about the dbus incident specifically,
since that version of dbus applied with no conflicts, it would have
made it through the automated test as well. I was thinking more
about all the conflicts which continually show up where some new
package needs a new library and the new library isn't available
yet, etc. Just a quick automated test to prevent obvious problems
from reaching updates, but short of a full-blown dependency analysis
of the entire repo.

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