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OT: your desktop on a stick

Much has been said about the ability for a linux distro to be carried around 
on a usb stick, making any computer into your familiar desktop.  Does anyone 
actually do this?

I ask because I installed F9 and Mandriva 2008 onto sticks for tests with my 
EeePC.  Today I put the Mandriva stick into the Acer netbook, and watched the 
messages scroll on, as it detected and set up the webcam, then the mouse, then 
I got to
"Marking TSC unstable due to: TSC halts in idle
Time: hpet clocksource has been installed.

Then a loonng pause, after which

Wait timeout.  Will continue in the background. [FAILED}
Non-volatile memory driver v1.2

and it has been sitting there for 15 minutes.

I confess I have always wondered about such hardware changes.  If this is 
typical, then this is another dream that is far from reality :-(

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I'll try the F9 stick.  I won't bother reporting 
back if the result is very similar.


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