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Re: Second try: Clarification of statement about stateless sytem]

Aaron Konstam wrote:
I tried once and got no response so I am trying again. It is strange
that people understand all such obscure things but can't explain one of
the many gobbledygook statements made in the release notes.

In section 2.2.6 of the F10 release notes is the following statement:

Support for keeping a persistent /home with the rest of the system
stateless has been added for Fedora 10.

I don't understand that statement? Could someone explain it, especially
the meaning of the words persistent and stateless in that context.

It means that you can put your /home directory on a USB stick, which
allows you to run various LiveCD versions and they'll use the /home on
the USB stick rather than creating a /home in the ramdisk as LiveCD normally does.

"stateless system" in this context means that you're running off
different LiveCD environments (not one on real media), "persistent
/home" means that /home is on real media and is consistent regardless of
the OS being run.

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