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Re: OT: your desktop on a stick

On Friday 12 December 2008 17:14:35 Frank Murphy wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Much has been said about the ability for a linux distro to be carried
> > around on a usb stick, making any computer into your familiar desktop. 
> > Does anyone actually do this?
> I have F9 on a 4gb usb stick. (not-live installed to)
> As long as the Box is usb-bootable there's no problem so far.
> Have used it at school and home.
My F9 was a live install - I'll not do it that way again, as it introduces 
complications better avoided, IMO.  However, watching F9 attempt to run I saw 
some very long pauses as before, and maybe some clue as to the problem.  I saw 
that it said it was running an eeepc kernel.  Maybe both F9 and Mandriva were 
set up with kernels specific to the eeepc?

F9 did actually manage to bring up a desktop eventually, so I thought I would 
try updating, to get a newer kernel.  It ran into the problem of the repos and 
signatures being changed.  No matter.  I'll attach a usb drive and do a clean 
install when I have time.  Maybe I'll even try installing onto the stick from 
this laptop, to see whether that can handle the change in hardware.



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