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Re: infrastructure modest proposal

Kevin Martin wrote:

FWIW, the 3 layer model is used to great effect in everyday business. First, there's "testing" where the developers get to play to their hearts content and, hopefully, get a product to "production" level. Then the product goes to "qa" or "qc" where it "burns in" for awhile
with other products that may or may not "play nice" with it (aren't
double quotes wonderous little things!).  If they don't "play nice"
together then it goes back to testing for more work and then back to
qa/qc until it all works as planned.  Then, and only then, does it move
to production.  I understand that Fedora is a bunch of folks doing the
work on a volunteer basis but that just makes the idea of a qa
environment that much more useful.

Someone is probably going to claim that rawhide/updates-testing/updates provides this 3 layer model for fedora. It doesn't, because the packages roll independently. No one can take qa seriously if it doesn't test the exact configurations that are going to exist in production, which is impossible with this structure. If the moves to/from updates-testing were batched in all-or-nothing updates, or another layer of updates-qa was added for this batch move process, it might actually become possible to do meaningful tests with packages in their proposed production context.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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