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Re: infrastructure modest proposal

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 5:49 AM, Kevin Martin <kevintm ameritech net> wrote:
> FWIW, the 3 layer model is used to great effect in everyday business.
> First, there's "testing" where the developers get to play to their

3 layers.. without referencing rawhide:
Koji scratch builds:
developers and maintainers have access to binaries in Koji and can do
a number of scratch builds as needed before submitting them to the
updates system for general consumption.  Maintainers can and do list
Koji urls in bug reports to get pre-release feedback from bug
reporters if its warrented, before even moving to updates-testing.

Where community QA is meant to happen.
How many people have updates-testing enabled? Do you?

Stable updates which 'typically' have gone through updates-testing and
gotten feedback.

Maintainers have the discretion to bypass updates-testing for critical
fixes and security updates. The dbus update was marked as security
update with a valid CVE listing. It was inadvertently pushed to stable
in error bypassing testing.

I'm not sure what sort of policy change could have prevented this and
yet would not have also significantly impacted the speed at which
security updates are made available.  Are you willing to have all
security updates held back for a week in updatest-testing to protect
against what happened with dbus?  I don't think I can justify that as
a policy initiative.

The only thing which is going to help prevent what happened with dbus,
is implementing "enough" mandatory automated testing somewhere in the
process that all packages submitted to stable must go through...even
all security tagged updates. Even automated testing has costs, and if
we have "too much" it will also impact the speed at which security
updates can be delivered.

Are you willing to help implement more automated testing?


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