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Re: problem with liberation fonts

David Hláčik wrote:
> Well no thanks, this is not a solution. I like them Medium hinted as they
> are.

They would still be, but with the hinting computed by the autohinter rather
than read from the bytecode (which is incorrect). (Freetype-freeworld does
not disable the autohinter and it is easily possible to force its use for
specific fonts with fontconfig configuration files.)

Still, I'd rather like the bytecode fixed than hacking freetype-freeworld to
ignore it.

> Kevin, are you maintainer of freetype-freeworld?


> As you may known, Ubuntu is using patches to cairo and libXft to
> achieve smooth, nice fonts on LCD display - this looks just superb.
> Check out my screenshot at http://www.hlacik.eu/screen2.png .
> I have patched Fedora10 libXft and cairo packages with ubuntu patches
> and have them available in my own repo which is located here
> http://linux.hlacik.eu/

What do the respective upstream projects think of those patches? Do they
refuse to merge them because of patent concerns? And are those patches
binary-compatible? (We definitely don't want to replace the libraries with
binary-incompatible versions.)

Would you be willing to work on libXft-freeworld and cairo-freeworld
packages using the same type of setup as freetype-freeworld (not replacing
the Fedora package, but overriding the shared library) and submit them for
review at RPM Fusion? I'd review them for you (though if you aren't
sponsored in Fedora or RPM Fusion yet, you also need a sponsor).

And are there any other packages Ubuntu is patching? Pango? Qt 4?

        Kevin Kofler

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