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Re: problem with liberation fonts


> What do the respective upstream projects think of those patches? Do they
> refuse to merge them because of patent concerns? And are those patches
> binary-compatible? (We definitely don't want to replace the libraries with
> binary-incompatible versions.)

Yes , they are binary compatible. Author of these patches is actualy
David Turner, author of freetype.
Lot of explanations about patents is available from his mails


> Would you be willing to work on libXft-freeworld and cairo-freeworld
> packages using the same type of setup as freetype-freeworld (not replacing
> the Fedora package, but overriding the shared library) and submit them for
> review at RPM Fusion? I'd review them for you (though if you aren't
> sponsored in Fedora or RPM Fusion yet, you also need a sponsor).

Yes, i would love to. Hopefully we will be able to add them to rpmfusion.

> And are there any other packages Ubuntu is patching? Pango? Qt 4?

No, just cairo and libXft.


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