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Re: No gdb?

On Friday 12 December 2008 19:10:52 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > One question - is this a packaging report, i.e. Fedora, or a KDE issue? 
> > I don't want to report it to the wrong place.
> Packaging (actually "comps", our lists which decide which packages are
> mandatory/default/optional for which groups), so it's a Fedora issue.
> Still, I'm not convinced installing GDB by default is a good idea, it takes
> up a significant place on the live images and the backtraces won't be all
> that useful if you don't also install the -debuginfo packages (which
> definitely don't fit on the live CD).
There has to be a sane answer to this.  We want bug reports to be made, and we 
want the best info we can get.  Someone has taken the trouble to write the 
application that captures the bug info and makes it easier to send the report, 
yet without those packages it's not possible.

If it's not sensible to putting it on the release disks, is it possible to 
trigger the installation in some way?  Something that asks if you want to 
install them, or recommend them from the first update?


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