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Re: Unable to login after latest FC10 updates (i386 on Dell GX270)

Hello Al,

Sunday, December 7, 2008, 11:11:42 AM, I wrote:

> I'm running FC10 on 3 systems - 2x 32-bit (DELL GX270, D810 laptop)
> and 1x 64-bit (AMD quad).

> After applying all the recent updates, the D810 and AMD box are fine.

> Unfortunately, on the GX260 I can no longer log on - the Gnome logon
> panel appears to have all buttons in the bottom row and my user ID
> button displayed (low intensity) and inactive.

> This is my DNS, DHCP and Samba server, and these services continue to
> work in the background. Recommendations as to the appropriate bugzilla
> component for reporting the problem, and any first-pass problem
> resolution advice would be appreciated.  I've checked the mailing list,
> but nothing popped up as relevant.

Sunday, December 7, 2008, 12:42:43 PM, Stan wrote:

> Very first pass, but I would log in to runlevel 3 and check
> the system logs.  I can't remember the parameter that is 
> passed to grub.  Perhaps someone else here can help or you 
> can find it in a search.  Sorry I can't be of more help, but 
>   I haven't had problems necessitating that I learn this.

At Stan's suggestion, I was able to log on as root with runlevel 3
(Enter 'a' when GRUB shows kernel, append " 3" to specify runlevel).
I then ran "yum clean all" followed by "yum update" to correct the
PackageKit/dbus-related problems.

The Gnome logon GUI panel (Plymouth?) still hangs in the same way.
The mouse moves around the screen fine, but there are no active buttons
on the GUI nor any response to the keyboard.  I'm suspecting that
there is a display-related problem with the display driver that does
not crop up in text mode.

The GX270 has the "Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2" display
controller.  It would not enter the Anaconda GUI install (dropped to
text install mode) with the FC10 preview, but installed fine with the
FC10 final release (until applying new updates last weekend).

Could someone please suggest the best Bugzilla component to start with?
I suspect this will require explicit direction by someone experienced
in X/Plymouth with me doing the keyboard monkey bit.


Best regards,
 Al                            mailto:al dunsmuir sympatico ca

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