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Re: Sprint service smartphone recommendation for F10?

> Max Pyziur wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> Per the subject line, would anyone have any recommendations on a
>> smartphone under a Sprint plan that smoothly works with F10?
>> Samsung Instinct?
>> The new Palm Centros?
>> One of the Blackberries?
> What do you expect to be able to do from the phone?  They would all work

My first PDA was/is a Sharp Zaurus which used UTF-8 encoding. Many of my
contacts are in the FSU, hence the information is in Ukrainian (a bit in
Russian) I'd like to be able to move my contact information to a device
where I can continue to use this information.

I've looked at the Samsung Instinct at a Sprint dealer. While the touch
technology is appealing, I saw that the Instinct's web browser couldn't
display Cyrillic characters, replacing them with empty squares. Looking
briefly through Instinct-related forums to see if a Cyrillic font could be
downloaded, there were none.

Can the Palm Centro handle UTF-8 or are their fonts only 8bit and Cyrillic
is shown in CP1251?

Also, I'm not sure what else to look for in a phone. When picture-taking
phones were introduced, I thought that it was a novelty and a feature that
I would never use. When the choices on an upgrade only included
picture-taking phones, I got one. Now, I see that they are useful,
especially when there is an expedient need where quality isn't as
important as the ability to illustrate the shot (a display in a window, an
emergency situation).

I see that the Instinct has GPS; I generally know where I'm going, but I'm
amazed that when driving during evenings on the New York State Thruway at
how many people have a GPS device of some sort visible through the window.
Perhaps I too would find GPS useful.

Thanks for the reply.

Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

>   for imap email if you have a public address.  There are palm ssh and
> vnc programs that should run on the Centro.  The Instinct can run some
> java apps but so far there's no ssh that works with the on-screen
> keyboard.       It has a windows-only multimedia manager, but you can
> access it as a USB storarge device (or put the micro-SD card in a usb
> adapter) and access the media/music/images folders directly. I haven't
> tried bluetooth access from Linux but that should work too and would
> transfer contacts if you can manage them as vcards.  I'd call the
> instinct more of an entertainment phone than a smartphone but it does
> email reasonably well if you can get by with just seeing the most recent
> 25-100 messages in your inbox.  I think you can only sync the calendar
> with exchange or outlook (I used to have a treo and now have an
> instinct...).
> --
>    Les Mikesell
>     lesmikesell gmail com

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