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Re: OT: mice size Re: asus w5f Intel sound on Fedora 10

>> >> Yes, there is such a thing as a computer rat - it's a larger computer
>> >> mouse.

Todd Denniston:
> > You would not happen to have the maker and some model names handy
> > would you?

Sorry, no.  I haven't seen one directly, they were used with disabled
kids to make it easier to use a computer.  Computers with mice weren't
being used, yet, when I used to work in that arena.

Check out the Kensington Ezpert Trackball or the slightly smaller Kensington Optical Trackball. They are large. Logitech used to produce a large trackball unit: I think the ball is actually a billiard ball. Been out of production for probably 8 years. Mine is still going strong.


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