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Re: newly installed services, like mysql, not on by default after reboot?

Mark wrote:
> Hey,
> In pre fedora 10 it was default that if a new service was installed it
> would be on by default on the next reboot. I'm wondering why the
> decision was made to not enable those newly installed services at the
> next reboot.
> I know it can be turn on and made permanently using the services tool
> or chkconfig but i still just would like this stuff to be on by
> default. It's the way people are used to it and the way other linux
> distros (ubuntu, mandriva, suse) work so why even change it in the
> first place?
> I would like to suggest to revert this Fedora 10 behaviour to the way
> it was in pre fedora 10.
I could have sworn that not turning on a service when it was
installed was the default. You are supposed to configure the new
service, and then turn it on.


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