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Re: newly installed services, like mysql, not on by default after reboot?

Mark wrote:
> I might be wrong about it that F9 had it but i'm absolutely positive
> that F8 had it.

Feel free to poke through the CVS logs and find a mysql build for F-8
that enabled the server by default.  I didn't see it in a quick look.

Regardless, it should not be started on install, so the current
behavior is correct and desirable.

> The situation was: I install MySQL (and apache + php) then on the
> next boot MySQL and Apache where just on! that was the behaviour. i
> don't know if that was a bug back then or it's a bug right now or am
> i dreaming all of this and was it never the behaviour of any fedora
> release?

Starting services by default has been discouraged in the packaging
guidelines for quite a long time.  If there were (or are) packages
that did (or do) so, it's a bug for any service that listens on the
network by default.

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